Tuesday, March 3, 2009

52 Self Portraits: Week 7 (Catching Up)

These photos are much closer to what I was trying to achieve. What I'm missing in my arsenal is the ability to color my lights better and keep my light pattern tight. I didn't have as much control over the difference in the background and foreground lighting that I want. Either too much light from the foreground spilled onto the background, or the long exposure time due to hot, continuous lighting in the foreground allowed too much through in the background.

52 Self Portraits: Week 7 (by John Brainard)

52 Self Portraits: Week 7 (by John Brainard)

I made great use out of my "Stick-in-a-Cans". See my set up shot here.

My wife took our mop in to get converted back into a dog today, so keep an eye out for a session with her (the dog) soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Craig Lee said...

You know, I've gotten light stands and umbrellas and I haven't done much with them yet. Some table top stuff. Some playing around, trying to get some idea how the lighting stuff works and looks. But, nothing "solid" yet.

Glad to see you're at least ahead of the game on me.

John Brainard said...

I'm finding it to be a lot of fun and challenging. How many strobes do you have?

Sarah Milne said...

Popped over from Paxtonprints. Great blog and fantastic shots :-)