Friday, October 9, 2009

Long Days

The last few weeks, I have been very busy at work trying to finish up a project. I worked several hours last weekend. Yesterday we got the project to where we could hand to the client for testing. I was tired. I asked my boss if I could leave a little early. I had visions of going home and taking pictures of the girls outside, playing in the leaves, using my new lens! Unfortunately, when I got home, there were no leaves in the lawn to play in! Oh well... I was getting a bit frustrated and not really with it and the kids weren't really into it either. Fortunately, God is good and gave me a few gems anyway. Here are a couple.

Playing Outside (by John Brainard)

I was anxious for a long time to get some gels and a gel holder for my flashes. I finally did. My first idea was to fill the living room with some blue light. It didn't come out as I had anticipated, but I'm satisfied with the results. I'll try harder next time!

Blue Livingroom (by John Brainard)