Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shooting my AR15

I learned a little bit this photo session. Black is hard to expose properly! The photos looked fine on my camera's display, but terrible on my computer. I also learned that it's important to clean stuff you're planning on shooting close in details of. A lot of my shots had too much dust in them to be useful. These are the only decent photos I was able to get.

I also learned that I might like Canon's eTTL system better than using remote triggers for my flashes. The battery in my transmitter died leaving me without wireless triggers and I really wanted to play with my new lens.... I wanted to shoot a gun tonight!

This is the only photo I really like out of all of them.

This turned out half-decent, though I'm sure you can find many things wrong with it.

Here's my setup. That's a reflector on the top right corner bouncing back the flash mounted on my camera.

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