Thursday, September 11, 2008

After the Sun Set

I spent some time last night at Dwyer Park on Little York Lake taking photos. I'll go back as there were many more things I wanted to take photos of, including a large boat anchor in the main lawn of the theater. Even after having already spent some time taking photos, I couldn't pass up the sky that presented itself last night. It was rather dramatic as you can see below.

After the Sunset (by john_brainard)

After the Sunset (by john_brainard)

After the Sunset (by john_brainard)

These were taken not even a quarter of a mile from home.


zetson said...

Very interesting and beautiful colors! I have never experienced such a wonderful sky up here:(

John Brainard said...

The sky doesn't turn red in Norway?

His4ever said...

Wow! The colors are beautiful and I love the silhouettes. It is a dream of mine to get something like someday! Great job!

Craig Lee said...

Looking at these reminds me that I want an ultra-wide angle lens.

John Brainard said...

Thank you His4Ever. I hope you're able to accomplish what you're going for. It's not so hard, in my opinion. When I encounter an evening where the horizon is reddish or the sky is interesting, I go out with my camera and set it up on a tripod. I usually let my camera auto-expose the photo, though I choose the aperture setting myself. I haven't learned how to meter properly, so I let my camera do it. I'll adjust the exposure compensation if my histogram doesn't look right and try again.

Craig.. Yes, you need to get a wide angle lens! :) My need right now is to get my flash off-camera with a set of Skyports.