Friday, September 5, 2008

Nifty Fifty: Catching Up

My wife has been pretty sick from a bacterial infection and some un-named virus. It has been beating up on her bad enough that I have had to work from home as much as I can. Being that I recently acquired a flash, I had to take advantage of a photo opportunity. This is what I have been looking at the last few days.

Working At Home (by john_brainard)

This is my toy fund jar. I collect all the change and put it in here. When I have enough, I go out and buy a new toy!

Toy Fund Jar (by john_brainard)

I still have a ton of photos to catch up on. I still have photos from our recent trip to the zoo to post. Keep an eye out for those. Unfortunately, not too many of them turned out good.


zetson said...

Isn't a "bounceable" flash a great thing to have? I remember the first time I bounced the flash. I remember thinking: Never on-camera flash again! And I've never used it since.

John Brainard said...

I don't like the look you get when you point the flash right at your victim. It's just as unnatural as they say it is. There have been a few times where I think it worked okay, but not many times. I'm anxious to get my flash mounted to a light stand in a shoot-through umbrella with a set of Skyports.

I tried bouncing my flash in a light fixture at work. It didn't work as I had hoped. I wanted to see if I could get the light to look like it was coming from the fixture. Oh well.

zetson said...

Do you have a swivel head on you flash (what do you have BTW) Have you tried this?

So you have ordered Skyports? I found out they are made by Elinchrom, so I guess it's quality from A to Z! Completely different from my Cactus trigger, I reckon.

I didn't use the Cactuses until recently. Before that I only used CLS with optical control. Putting the flashes in boxes, behind umbrellas etc doesn't do any good to the line of sight:)

John Brainard said...

Yeah. It's a 580ex II. So, swivels 180 degrees in both directions and tilts up. I'll have to try that bug macro thing when I get extension rings. Those will come after my Skyports.

I decided on the Skyports partly because I heard about the reliability issues with the Cactus's and because of the quality. I didn't want to overspend on Pocket Wizards, though they'd be nice to have for their features. I'll settle for the Skyports. I haven't ordered them yet. Hopefully within the next month or so.

I'd try my flash off camera if the Canons could control their strobes with the built in flash. Oh well.

Larry Eiss said...

Hey John, what's the "Nifty Fifty" project?

John Brainard said...


I bought my Sigma 10-20mm lens around July. Since then, I had noticed that it hardly came off my camera and for a while, I was getting frustrated as my photos were beginning to all look the same. As a way of getting it off my camera so I could get back to using my other lenses, I started my own personal project. The goal of it is to post photos I have taken with my 50mm f/1.8 (aka Nifty Fifty). I don't have a set schedule, it is just a way to remind me to try my other lenses, particularly my 50mm f/1.8.

Here's the blog entry to kick off my project.

I hope that makes sense.

Larry Eiss said...

Makes great sense John. I've done the same thing with my 60mm f:2.8 and my 18-55mm as well. I got fixated on my 55-200mm for a long time.