Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome Snow!

Welcome Snow! (by John Brainard)

I know certain family members will wish to cause me harm in some way because of these feelings (yes dad, I'm talking about you and my wife too), but I'm excited about the snow! It's here! I got to use the snowblower today!

I went out for a few hours this morning and took some photos around Labrador Pond and Tinker Falls. I have more photos to post, but I'm going to wait until my new computer parts come in. I'm anxious to see how much of an improvement a Core 2 Quad w/4Gb of memory will be over my old, tired Athlon XP with 1GB of memory.

I see the prices on 1TB SATA Seagate drives are reasonable, so I'll likely add one or two of those in a RAID configuration soon.

Keep an eye out for more photos.... I think I still have some to finish up from the men's retreat.


Beau A.C. Harbin said...

Lovely image John. Great depth.

Craig Lee said...

That's a lot of snow for this time of year. To be honest it is probably more snow than we will see in the next two years. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos of it.

John Brainard said...

Thanks guys for stopping by and commenting. I have been so lazy with my pictures lately. I need to spend more time working on the ones I have already taken.

My truck is in the shop too, so I can't get to some of the places I want to go to shoot. The upside to that is I'll likely be selling my truck and getting a better one. My truck is one of my favorite pieces of photography gear.

Anonymous said...

And here you make it seem like you want to move to AZ cuz you are tired of snowblowing, etc. It was all a farce. :|

Anonymous said...

Nice picture, nonetheless. :P

zetson said...

I must admit that the snow is pleasant up to a certain height: Yesterday I was unable to open my front door. Had to walk out on the balcony and move some enormous amounts of snow:( And that was only from the snow fall that night... Today we have had winds up to 60 knots which removes some of it, which I find just great:)

I also upgraded my computer a month ago. Unfortunately I learned that 4 GB was a little too much for Vista. I could only use 3 GB due to the 32 bit thing. (I guess you know more than me on this subject). But no doubt that things go faster, especially Photoshop and batch converting in Camera Raw.

I see there are some weeks since your last update. I also have the same problem. Shall make a deal? Both of us have to make at least one new post by Monday morning? I need a little bit of pressure, I think.

John Brainard said...

Zetson, I half wish it would snow that much here, but I voluntarily took my truck off the road until I sell it and moving that much snow with a snow blower would be very difficult!

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I don't use Vista, so I didn't think too much about the memory problem. I've heard of it before though. You don't have a 64 bit version of Vista? Hmm.... I guess I can see why they'd package a 32-bit version, but with as much as they charge for the OS, Microsoft should include both versions. I can download 36 bit, 64 bit, PPC, Sparc and many other versions of my OS free of charge. :D

I'll take you up on your challenge to have something up by Monday morning. I'm currently playing with a second flash (580 ex) and slaving it off of my 580ex II. So, I'll be posting a blog entry with some new kinds of photos. I don't have a light stand or umbrella yet, so the lighting may be harsh, but I have an idea I think would be pretty cool.

I look forward to seeing what you get posted for Monday!

zetson said...

Great, a flash competitor:) Let's rock!

What OS do you use? I've thought about changing from Vista (32-bit) but I have a little too many programs that use Vista (PS and Lightroom among others) which makes it a little difficult (I think).