Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playing With Light

Thanks, Zetson, for the extra push I needed to get a new entry up on my blog! Hopefully, this won't go collecting dust for nearly a whole month again for a while!

I currently have in my possession a 580EX flash to accompany my 580EX II as I contemplate buying it. I originally wanted to purchase a set of Elinchrom Skyports to get my flash off camera and I still may do that, but I really am enjoying the Canon wireless flash system. Some of the benefits to it are the e-TTL, which I'm not using much, and high-speed shutter sync, which I have used. It didn't take long to figure out how to control the 580EX as a slave to my 580EX II master.

The following is a result of my playing around with a toy my mom bought me for Christmas a few years ago. Yes, I'm 32 years old and yes, I still ask my mom for toys like this for Christmas! I thought it only fitting that I incorporate some Christmas lights in the photos of a Christmas present around Christmas time!

Robo Raptor (by John Brainard)

Robo Raptor (by John Brainard)

Robo Raptor (by John Brainard)

The lights in the background are supposed to be star shaped. Unfortunately, the star I cut out of a piece of foam craft paper didn't work out too well. I'll have to try again with card stock. If you want to know what I did, check out this link.

Have a Merry Christmas! And don't forget the Reason for the Season!


zetson said...

Hi, nice to see a new post:) Looks like none of us have to come up with excuses. (I actually was so inspired by the fairy dust entry that I wrote a new one today. Wow:))

I like you mother. She clearly understand that the physical age differs from the mental one. I've wanted this kind of toy myself, but haven't dared to buy one yet.

BTW, I love the contrast. An scary robo raptor accompanied by hearts. Very cute. I'm looking forward to see your next attempts with shaped bokeh/vignetting (or whatever critics like to call it). Good luck.

Kris (His4ever) said...

John its looking very cool! Even if the lights did not come out as stars in the background, I still think it added a cool effect in separating the dinosaur from the background. Very cool!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting background.

Me. :P

Craig Lee said...

The background lights really make the shots work.