Friday, October 24, 2008

Men's Retreat: After Dark

Normally I get very bored when I'm taking pictures after dark as I can stand there for as long as 10 minutes, sometimes more, waiting for the exposure to finish. When I'm with a group of 40 or so men, I can take night scenes all night, or until the battery dies. These are some of the night shots I managed to capture while at Huntington Camp last weekend.

Men's Retreat (by John Brainard)

Men's Retreat (by John Brainard)

Men's Retreat (by John Brainard)

Men's Retreat (by John Brainard)

You can see on this last one that the boats and the dock were moving with the water. An interesting effect, but I think I'd prefer it if the boats were more clear.

God Bless!


his4ever said...

10 min or the batterie dies?!? You poorthing! But you get a great photographs as a result! Do you then carry spare batteries just in case?

John Brainard said...

I haven't ever been out long enough for the batteries to die at night. :)

They last quite a while. The battery in my camera is still pretty new, but I'd like to have a spare anyway.

Thank you for your compliments! I love night photography. It's fun and you're forced to pick a good composition because you can't just take pictures until you get it right.