Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Around Town


No, unfortunately, that's not mine. It's my coworkers. She just bought it a few weeks ago. She offered me a ride in it Monday afternoon as she had to run to the bank. I thought, "hey... it could be fun." I looked over and saw my camera sitting next to me, so I grabbed it. The only thing that could have been better about that short trip is a wide-angle lens. I took a ton of pictures in the short ride.





These are all within just a few miles from the office.

Since I've been learning a little more about post processing techniques, I thought I'd try it out on these. I swiped the first few steps of the Orton Effect. I left out the blurring as I didn't really feel it added to these pictures. I do like the boost in saturation though. I hope they don't appear to be overdone.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that on the Corvette Barn & Video Game store photos, I created two TIF files from one RAW. One exposed for the detail in the sky and other bright areas and the other exposed for the shadier areas. I combined the two TIF files using layer masks in The Gimp. I have been finding numerous uses for layer masks recently.

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