Saturday, June 7, 2008

Early Morning

It's not very often I'm up as early as I was this morning. It's for a good reason that I'm not usually up at 6am. That reason is there usually isn't a neighborhood cat running around my yard. I don't mind cats. In fact, I can probably be reasonably accused of being a cat person. But, I have found a new joy in life... Birds & Squirrels. Cats, dogs and birds are not compatible. You'd know this if you watched Tom & Jerry and Sylvester & Tweety. Cats, dogs, birds and rodents just don't get along. So, I had to get up early to chase a cat away.

I think God wanted to show me He's still thinking about me, that I'm not forgotten. That He loves me! Here's the proof...

I figured, if I'm going to be up this early, I might as well make some coffee and feed the birds. So, I walk out the one of the feeders in the back of my yard and see these guys watching.


I was absolutely amazed to see four chipmunks sitting on one tree stump sunning themselves like that. Normally, when two or more are gathered (chipmunks that is), there is chaos.... It's every man for himself!

I wanted to get closer for a better shot, but as soon I started moving in, they all scattered down the tree stump. This guy poked his head up a couple of times, but disappeared as soon as he heard the shutter.


I waited a little bit and they didn't return. So, I got up and walked around to the front yard to see what I could find. There was a chipmunk sitting on the rock next to the small pond. While taking pictures of him, I noticed this guy in the background. Click the images to see them larger.



This is God's way of reminding us to smile!


This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24


Deb said...

Loved the chipmunks -- but the last photo of the frog really made me smile. What a prince! I shared your latest entry with my daughters -- ages 13 and 9 -- and they are now fans of The Dorky Photographer. Keep up the good work! :-)

Dorky Musician said...

I'm glad to hear it! I'll be sure to keep the comments interesting for your reader of a daughter!

It's hard not to smile when looking at frogs, especially when they appear to be smiling.

Nancy said...

Love the Gang of Four chippies!

Dorky Musician said...

Yes. The Gang of Four (GoF) are sitting there, carefully considering programming paradigms!