Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I had a great Father's Day today despite my wife and kids being on the other side of the continent. I went to my dad's Church this morning then had a nice juicy steak with him and my step-mom after. It's very rare that I leave the house without my camera and today was no exception. Here are a few shots I took around their house this afternoon.



This stupid cat is camera shy! Every time I went to shoot it, he would get up and walk away. I have more pictures of this cat's behind than I care to have!


I hope your Father's Day was as good as mine.


Craig Lee said...

I have a lot of photos of animals' behinds. That seems to be their favorite sides.

Dorky Musician said...

You ever wonder what they're thinking when you put that lens in their face? It's gotta be kinda nerve wracking to an animal that has no idea what it is. It probably looks like a big, evil eye!

Craig Lee said...

I was at my parents' house this weekend to drop my son off for a week long visit. They have a bird feeder in the yard and a humming bird feeder near the back door. I swear the birds were taking one look at me and deciding they didn't want to get in sight of that big bazooka I had pointing at them. My father said there were usually a lot more at the feeder than we saw. Oh well, maybe next time.

Dorky Musician said...

Birds are fun. You have to trick 'em into thinking you're not there. :) If you sit there long enough (and I mean long enough), they'll start coming back in. I find that the sparrows are the least shy of them all as well as the chickadees. I've had some finches landing on the feeders while I was sitting 10 feet away.

I took a screen out of the kitchen window and had my tripod set up with the 70-300mm lens. I also took the screen out of the master bathroom window which yielded some better shots. Here are a couple I shot through the bathroom window. I thought I had more... apparently I haven't processed and uploaded them to Flickr.

Blue Jay
Red Squirrel

This one is from the kitchen window:
Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Of course, the Ugly Dorkling can only be found hanging upside down. I don't have anything he can hang on outside the bathroom. I shot this one on a trip to a local state forest.