Monday, July 14, 2008

Local Park

After our normal Church service yesterday, we went and joined the fellowship dinner at our old Church. It was my dad's last day as pastor there. That Church played a big part in our lives over the last several years, so we wanted to join them in their farewell. It was a great afternoon, but it happened to be during our kids' nap time.

During our short drive home, I discovered our 1 year old sound asleep in the back seat. Rather than wake her up and try desperately to get her to fall asleep again at home, I asked my wife if we should just drive around. We enjoy looking at the scenery, so that's what we did. Both kids fell asleep eventually. And so did my wife.

I was left to drive alone with three girls in the car, sound asleep. I figured the youngest was going to wake soon and started for home. As I was driving toward the house, I remembered the school in town and thought I might drive out that way. I made a short detour and discovered a surprisingly nice park. For a small town, this park is pretty nice. I didn't stop then, I just wanted to look. I went back last evening when I saw how beautiful the sky was. It needed to be photographed.

This is the river that runs along side the park. It's a combination of three exposures, all of them fairly long.

Raging Waters

Keep an eye out for more. I'll be going back when there's a little more light to get some pictures of the rest of the park.

Here's another photo from last evening. This one is two exposures blended together using Gimp.

Sea of Fog


Anonymous said...

I love the second picture. The colors are just wonderful! Looking forward to more! And glad that you discovered that place. I find I discover places too when I have napping kids in the car.


Dorky Musician said...

I was hoping the pictures from last evening would come out a little better, but I guess I can't expect much when I'm shooting exposures of multiple seconds. I think I hit around 30 seconds a few times. I was auto-bracketing, so I don't know for sure. There's more noise than I care for in the second one, but I liked the colors and mood of the clouds too much to not post it.

Thanks for your comments. I'm hoping I'll have time to take my wife and kids down to the park tonight after dinner to go for a walk.

Craig Lee said...

I like the second one a lot. Beautiful area you live in.

Dorky Musician said...

Thank you Craig. People seem to like the second one much more than the first. I was reluctant to put it up as it had some noise in it and you can tell where I blended the two exposures together. I'll have to spend a little more time on it and clean it up some.