Friday, July 25, 2008

Onondaga Lake Park, Pt. 2

Even though I had a difficult time capturing images with overcast skies, I was able to get some that I liked, as you saw in my previous post. This is a continuation of that as I was able to spend some more time processing photos. The photos below are all blended exposures as it was difficult to get a single exposure that I liked with the lighting. Maybe I have a lot more to learn here.




I hope you enjoyed them. I hope to get back there when the sun is shining to see what kinds of photos I can get with better lighting. I am happy with the results I achieved though.


Craig Lee said...

So, are you enjoying the wide angle lens?

Anonymous said...

The middle pic is cool...interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, that was Me again. :P Forgot to sign my "name".

DaddyDab said...

The foreground in these shots are an improvement over the previous set.
Thanks for sharing.