Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Family Member

Meet our newest family member, Winnie (short for Winchester). She's Buffy's sister.

Winnie (by john_brainard)

Winnie (by john_brainard)

This is her brother. He's not our newest family member, though I think my wife was considering it. She's been trying to get someone close to her to adopt him since we picked up Winnie on Sunday!

Winnie's Brother (by john_brainard)

Winnie's Brother (by john_brainard)

There will be more, though she's not an easy target. I had to put her on the couch to get a picture of her this morning. She's afraid to jump off.


Nancy said...

That is not a dog, that's a stuffed toy. Adorable!

John Brainard said...

It certainly looks that way, doesn't it? I have a hard time getting photos of her because there's just too much hair! It's hard to tell she's a dog if you don't get the right angle on her face. It makes it even harder that she doesn't sit still! Ughh! Hopefully the flash I'll be ordering soon will help solve some of those problems.

jojo said...

Way too cute! You should keep both of them! If we could have dogs....I would like one like this. But we are stuck with a boring cat.