Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nifty Fifty: Sunflowers & Robo Raptor

This morning I woke up, made coffee, fed the birds then went to check my e-mail. I sat in front of my computer for several minutes then thought I'd be more productive if I went out and took some photos. So, I went upstairs, grabbed my camera and 50mm f/1.8 lens and went outside. My first stop was the sunflowers.

Nifty Fifty: Sunflower

Nifty Fifty: Sunflower

Nifty Fifty: Sunflower

I made several other stops throughout the yard, but, the sunflowers are the only photos that I like from this morning's batch. After I went inside, I didn't feel like I was done taking pictures. So, I grabbed my Robo Raptor from the shelf and brought it to the living room where the sun shines in perfectly every morning.

Nifty Fifty: Robo Raptor

I'll probably try for some more photos of my Robo Raptor. I'm disappointed that I wasn't paying attention to his hands. They really should be in the shot, as well as the top of his head. I love what the bright sun did for the background. I really need to get a shoe-mount flash for my camera!

All things considered, I'm rather excited about this "Nifty Fifty" project I've started. I have learned a lot, such as exposing to the right, experimenting with perspective and shooting from different angles and paying attention to what's in the background. I have a lot to learn still, but I think I'm progressing.

One last thing... I've had several encouraging comments from several people in my blog comments, on Flickr, via e-mail and face to face. Thank you all for your encouragement! I'm having fun.


His4ever said...

HIYOU! (As my son says when he greets someone). Love the flowers!! It looks like the morning sunlight was a lot of fun!! Great Job!


Dorky Musician said...

The morning sunlight was great yesterday. I wish I had more time and more variety of sunflowers to shoot! They are a great flower. I'm looking forward to them withering. That should prove to be interesting.

Thank you for commenting!

Amy Frazier said...

This is such a great project idea! Although, since I'm in my new infatuation stage with my 50mm, I don't think I need a project right now to motivate me to shoot more with that lens!

I absolutely love the tones on the sunflowers (and a very cool perspective on that last one). I would have totally guessed magic hour, with the sun setting down on them. But as I was reading, you said it was morning. You are quite ambitious!