Saturday, August 30, 2008

Playing With My New Flash

Due to some generous family members, I was able to buy my 580ex II for my birthday this year. It arrived Friday afternoon and I've been playing with it quite a bit since. In fact, my primary test subjects are asking me to stop! Poor kids. You'll see further down this post, my fall-back subject got bored and nearly fell asleep on me. I had to resort to using the kid's toys!

Little People Band (by john_brainard)

Little People Family (by john_brainard)

Off To Work (by john_brainard)

Playing With My Flash (by john_brainard)

Playing With My Flash (by john_brainard)

Actually, the photos of the little people turned out to be some fun family time. I asked my wife to model the little people for me and the kids had a lot of fun getting in front of the camera! It was a good time.

Here's one more to show off what happens when you bounce the flash off the floor. The background blacks out and the subject looks as if it's sitting around a camp fire!

Hmm Hmm (by john_brainard)

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