Monday, May 12, 2008

Being Me (Dorky)

Saturday's trip couldn't be all serious! One of us had to do something stupid. Apparently, I was nominated for that task!


jojo said...

Dorky Indeed!!!

Mrs. Dorky Musician said...

Hmm...and you wonder why you didn't get many dates in high school? :P ;) I would have dated you probably...I like charity work. ;)

Just kidding...cute picture. :)

Dorky Musician said...

"The Incredible Hanging Dork!" - Nancy, coworker.

That would be me. :)

Mrs. Dorky Musician... remember that wonderful shot of you I have from yesterday's attempt at getting portraits of the girls? You might wanna reconsider your charity work statement. I have that photo backed up in places you would never think to look. I'll be sure to post it sometime! :p

jojo said...

Uh Oh!!!! I would be really worried Mrs. dorky!!! ya never know what the Mr. is up too! remeber he has seen you at your worst!

Mrs. Dorky Musician said...

Uh I know you are evil. :|