Friday, May 16, 2008

Encounter On An Exit Ramp

I was planning on going out and taking some photos tonight after work, but it rained. I wanted the sun to be shining so I can get some Golden Hour shots. I guess God had different plans for me.

I stopped a couple times along I81. Once at a weigh station south of Nedrow Indian Reservation and again at the Tully exit. I pulled my truck over on the exit ramp and got out to take some pictures of an old barn and house. When I was about done shooting, I had noticed a car pulled over on the road and a lady walking toward my truck. I wasn't sure what to expect as I've read on some forums that people don't like cameras with big lenses. It makes them think you're a terrorist. I braced myself for the worst, hoping for the best.

I talked to Trish, the lady I met, for a few minutes. It turns out, she had taken a picture of the barn from the same spot I was taking a picture. Only, she had intended to paint it. I couldn't paint a mono-tone picture with a spray can. I'll have to stick to capturing images with my camera.

Here's the spot that we had both shot the barn from.


Thank you Trish for the conversation and not accusing me of terrorism! It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope you're able to read my blog address when you get home. I looked at the photos of the barn. I'm not sure they turned out that great. I have some more post processing work to do. I auto-bracketed a few shots in hopes of doing an HDR image.

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