Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marlin & Savage

Some time last year, I found that rodents made neat pets. I decided I really wanted a pet rat or two. Unfortunately, my wife was not so keen on the idea. She came close once to letting me get a rat, but that quickly faded. I discovered a neat alternative to rats that my wife could enjoy.

We found a breeder near us and acquired a couple of Degus. We named them Marlin and Savage. I'll let you figure out where the names come from.

This morning, I got up to make coffee and noticed the sun shining in through the window on Marlin & Savage. It was perfect. I got out my camera, set the tripod on top of the table and snapped a bunch of shots.


jojo said...

Cool! they still look to much like rats for me! Sorry! And where did you get the names from anyway?

Dorky Musician said...

Their faces look slightly like rabbits. Their bodies are very rodent like, but they are neat. Their fur is soft and they're friendly. They'll sniff your hand if you put it inside their tank.

I'll let you take a few guesses as to where I got the name. It wouldn't be fun if I just told you. :)

Mrs. Dorky Musician said...

Useless rodents! :P

jojo said...

Hmmm no doubt from a movie or a gun?

Dorky Musician said...

You're close, but if you want to know, you'll have to try harder.

jojo said...

OK both?..... I am not creative I can't think that hard nor do I want to! Just tell me it would be easier that way and if you don't tell me then I will ask the mrs.

jojo said...

this is what I came up with... ok ready..... marlin is the name of a guy in a movie like I am legend or something like that and savage is the name of the gun that he carries around wiht him to kill stuff.

Dorky Musician said...

The only gun that has a name in a movie that I can think of off the top of my head is "Lorraine (sp)" from "Open Season." I don't know the name of the guy that owns the gun.

A quick google search for marlin would have turned up this website:

And Savage this one:

I hope that will be enough to help you solve this great mystery! :p